Confidence – A great tool to make your dreams come true.


Think, Write, Execute, Achieve, Win!!

Writing is an art. Not everyone is capable to write and be in the hall of fame of readers. You have to think upon the facts and consider your experience before you write anything.
Mind has many things going in and out. Thousands of ideas generated and we many times miss them as we ignore by saying to ourselves, “Ah!! Its just a thought!!” But believe me, we should try and make them execute even if we think it can happen. 

That’s how many business men and successful people have done to stand out of the clutter. Not everyting you think can be achieved, but atleast, we can try and make them possible with our confidence and dedication about it!!

Thoughts are the blue print of your success plan, work on them, before anyone else, does and grabs the deal!!


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Great things don’t come from the comfort zone. You have step an extra mile to be out of the box. Success doesn’t come easily, you have to work hard and smart, though you may fail, but you should get up, practice, rework and accomplish.
Surround yourself with the people who encourage you to achieve your goal!! Leave the negative minds behind, negativity will never ever help you to be at the top. Success is continuously working for the dreams you see. 

Failures doesn’t mean you should QUIT. It means you have one more chance to prove yourself, that you can do it. Rework, replan, and execute. It will work!!

Never be sad upon if things dont work, as, Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn!!


Weekend – The Time to pump in more energy!!



“Weekend!!” – What come to your mind?? Party/ Night-out/Hanging out/ Free time???

Yes, that’s all the activities which many of us think when we talk about “Weekend”. But, as far as my experience speaks, we should do some sort of learning too, as we have more free time and our mind is much more vulnerable to doing tasks with a free time.

Unlike all days, Weekends are considered more favorable as we have the time to focus on the things which we can’t do on normal days!

But, if you ask me, Weekends should be made productive as we can invest and dedicate some time on the things which we are not able to on normal days. Like, for example, if you are a self learner, you can put in your time to study and research the things you would like to study. (Now, don’t say that you like to party and you hence you invest your time on partying on weekends!! LOL) . Seriously speaking, we can party and enjoy the time as it is also needed as we are a social being.

Learning new things and living the life you want to, actually refreshes your mind and hence makes you feel better and relieves the depression. Learning doesn’t mean you have to study, learning is anything like, if you have passion for music, art, photography, etc. you can learn it and cherish your life with it. Now is the time, you can distinct yourself from world and achieve something you were always thinking of.


I just live on a quote simply, do what your heart says, and live happily. But that doesn’t mean, you blindly follow and do on your own. Taking advise from the experienced people is a must and we should adhere to it, as discipline is also necessary to live a polished life. If you need to be successful, you need to do something extra and work an extra mile from other people, that can be achieved by investing more time to the things you would love to do. and I think, Weekends can provide us that!