Kuch yaad hai tumne kaha tha, tanha main na rahunga kabhi…
Ye darakht yaad dilata hai tanhai mein tumhara jumla mujhe….!!



Cloudy sky

Normally you do not see such scenes in the evening, at first glance of the image you might be tempted to say that it is a pic of some hill station in India. But the truth is, it is Andheri, Mumbai, the scene I witnessed outside my office on 13th April, 2018.

I hope to see such amazing scenes frequently.


Good Old days…

As I sit alone and remember those good old days where I cherised my life with my loved ones…I couldnt resist my eyes from crying, my heart from stopping those thoughts.

In my childhood, I used to think how Good and Happy I would be when I become an adult, but now I miss those days, now I wish I would be a kid again, but you know it well, Time once passed couldn’t be regained back.

Happiness is not like waiting for the moments so that you can laugh together, its like making every moment count. Make every moment lively, live the life you want to, so that, in your old age, you wouldn’t blame yourself that you had not lived a life you wish.

Time flies, but the great and awesome thing is you are the Pilot!!



Great things don’t come from the comfort zone. You have step an extra mile to be out of the box. Success doesn’t come easily, you have to work hard and smart, though you may fail, but you should get up, practice, rework and accomplish.
Surround yourself with the people who encourage you to achieve your goal!! Leave the negative minds behind, negativity will never ever help you to be at the top. Success is continuously working for the dreams you see. 

Failures doesn’t mean you should QUIT. It means you have one more chance to prove yourself, that you can do it. Rework, replan, and execute. It will work!!

Never be sad upon if things dont work, as, Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn!!