Time changes, people change.

The people whom once I considered good friends, and spent a lot of time with them, are nowhere seen in my life today.
Its true, time changes, people do change!!



The world is changing!!

Its being a long time I haven’t written any blog, So, I thought I should give it a try and write something to brush up myself and gain a little experience too.

A small little story is running in my brain, which I shall express here in my words and share with you all.


There was a man who was very caring and always helpful to others, a call from anyone for help would touch his heart, and he would be willing run to help. It was a nice winter time, when this man was travelling to a foreign country for some business trip. When he landed and was going through the Check-out process on the airport at his destination, a voice came from behind him, “Sir, would you please help with holding this water bottle, as I have this 2 bags to carry and finding it difficult to manage!” He smiled, and willingly took the bottle in his hands. “Sir, Your Passport please”, came another voice from the counter, as it was his turn for check-out. “Sure”, said he and handed over his ticket and passport at the counter. Suddenly, police guys came in and covered him all around with their guns and shouted “Hands Up!! Do not move!!” At this, the man was very much confused and feared, as what has gone wrong suddenly, many question aroused in his mind, but he remained calm and obliged to what police said.

“Give the water bottle here!!” shouted one of the senior officer. The man looked at the person who has asked him to hold his bottle, then, he threw the bottle in front of the officer, the officer, picked it up and again shouted, “Is this Yours!!”. “No”, said the man. Again, the officer said, “Then how does it is in your hands??”. “It belongs to the man standing near red bag, he gave to it me to carry, as he was unable to manage his luggage and I thought I would help him by carrying his bottle!!”, the man shouted.

The officer took the bottle, put his fingers around the bottle sticker and removed it, and lo!, there were Diamonds stuck up inside the sticker. “Your are under Arrest, for smuggling diamonds into the country!” The man was astonished on hearing this, and straight away went to hit the person whom he had offered the help. The police caught him up, the man pleaded, this bottle belongs to this scoundrel and I am being just dragged into this. On hearing this, the person whom the bottle originally belonged straight away shook his shoulders and told plainly that he doesn’t know about the Water bottle, neither does he know the person who is alleging him of the crime. The man was lost, he didn’t have any chance nor any proof to save him from this brothel. The police took him away and charged him with imprisonment for smuggling diamonds!!

The thing which I want to convey here is, be vigilant, don’t be a fool to help anyone. Helping others is a good thing and we should always be willing to do this. But, not in such a way that we have to pay a hefty price for the crime we did not do. This is the modern age, where people just try to make their own things better, gone are the days, where people lived with a big heart and what they needed in return was love and happiness. Yes, the world is changing!!







Zamana badal raha hai…

Ab kahan wo baatein, wo dilkash nazare,
Dhuaa’n, Dhuaa’n hai shehar sara, kho gaye saare nazare…

AC hai, Motor Car hai, Bike hain aur Hawaii Jahaz,
Lambe safar chhote ho gaye, phir bhi nahi hain Dil se milne wale…

Baatein hoti hai bass Rupiyo’n ki, Sikko’n ki,
Nahi hai koi dil ka haal sunne wala, na hi koi Sukoon se haal batane wale…

Mizaaj ho gaya hai Aadam khor sa aadmi ka,
Bheed si chalti hai sadko’n par aajkal, nahi dikhte koi Insaan se dikhne wale…


Eid Mubarak

Eid ul fitr marks the end of the auspicious month of Ramadan Kareem. Its celebrated on 1st of Shawwal, as per Hijri Calendar after the moon is sighted.

The most popular recipe on eid ul fitr is Sheer Khorma. Eid ul fitr is the most special day for all muslims who have fasted whole month of Ramadan and have sought blessings of Almighty Allah. Its a celebration for all. Its a day where no muslim is pemitted to fast. Allah almighty showers his blessings on all the muslims.

May this Eid bring happiness and prosperity in your life. EID UL FITR Mubarak to all readers.


Good Old days…

As I sit alone and remember those good old days where I cherised my life with my loved ones…I couldnt resist my eyes from crying, my heart from stopping those thoughts.

In my childhood, I used to think how Good and Happy I would be when I become an adult, but now I miss those days, now I wish I would be a kid again, but you know it well, Time once passed couldn’t be regained back.

Happiness is not like waiting for the moments so that you can laugh together, its like making every moment count. Make every moment lively, live the life you want to, so that, in your old age, you wouldn’t blame yourself that you had not lived a life you wish.

Time flies, but the great and awesome thing is you are the Pilot!!