Dhuwaan bana k faza mein udaa diyaa mujh koo!!!!

Mein jall raha thaa.. kisi ney, bujhaa diyaaa  mujhkoo….

(Dhuwaa=Smoke, Faza=atmosphere)


Good Old days…

As I sit alone and remember those good old days where I cherised my life with my loved ones…I couldnt resist my eyes from crying, my heart from stopping those thoughts.

In my childhood, I used to think how Good and Happy I would be when I become an adult, but now I miss those days, now I wish I would be a kid again, but you know it well, Time once passed couldn’t be regained back.

Happiness is not like waiting for the moments so that you can laugh together, its like making every moment count. Make every moment lively, live the life you want to, so that, in your old age, you wouldn’t blame yourself that you had not lived a life you wish.

Time flies, but the great and awesome thing is you are the Pilot!!


Capturing the Sea.

Photography is essence of a creative mind. You cannot stop it unless you are satisfied with the images you take. 

Shooting a sea and the objects in it is a very interesting thing. Most of the famous photographs available on the internet are taken majorly near beaches or while sailing. So, I tried to have my hands on it. Just sharing some of the images which I clicked while at Arabian sea in Mumbai.

A Mariner’s delight it was!!