Time changes, people change.

The people whom once I considered good friends, and spent a lot of time with them, are nowhere seen in my life today.
Its true, time changes, people do change!!



Thinking out of the box…

Once Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar wrote to Madhusudhan Dutt, “As you are a master in English, can you make a sentence without using ‘E’?”

Madhusudan Dutt responded with this…

“I doubt I can. It’s a major part of many many words. Omitting it is as hard as making muffins without flour. It’s as hard as spitting without saliva, napping without a pillow, driving a train without tracks, sailing to Russia without a boat, washing your hands without soap. And, anyway, what would I gain? An award? A cash bonus? Bragging rights? Why should I strain my brain? It’s not worth doing.”