Think, Write, Execute, Achieve, Win!!

Writing is an art. Not everyone is capable to write and be in the hall of fame of readers. You have to think upon the facts and consider your experience before you write anything. Mind has many things going in and out. Thousands of ideas generated and we many times miss them as we ignore […]

Good Old days…

As I sit alone and remember those good old days where I cherised my life with my loved ones…I couldnt resist my eyes from crying, my heart from stopping those thoughts. In my childhood, I used to think how Good and Happy I would be when I become an adult, but now I miss those […]

Night Photography!

Photography has been my passion since my childhood. I loved those roll based camera’s, but there was one bad thing about it, and that was, you had to think multiple times before taking a pic, as the roll was limited to 36 photos only. But now, thanks to digitalization, and these chips, you can click […]